Een perfecte vakantie bij vakantiepark Mölke

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Een perfecte vakantie bij vakantiepark Mölke


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Een perfecte vakantie bij vakantiepark Mölke

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A perfect vacation at Mölke

  • Full-time weekend feeling
  • Experience Twente
  • Unwind
  • Worry free vacation

Your perfect holiday at Mölke

Welcome to holiday park Mölke, how nice of you to visit! Mölke is the holiday park for true bon vivants. The place where you can discover what it is like to live life at a slow pace. At our holiday park in Twente you will experience the weekend feeling, day after day. 

We would like to take you on the perfect holiday at holiday park Mölke. Sit back and get inspired!

The day begins, Twente wakes up!

Step with your feet in the grass, listen to the singing birds and experience the tranquillity of a morning in Twente. Are you a real early bird? Then you can watch a beautiful sunrise over the Regge river from our holiday park.... Or stay a bit longer and make the most of our weekend vibes! 

Here in Twente we take it nice and easy. We enjoy a warm roll from the baker and drink a cup of coffee in the morning sun. With us, you don't have to do anything and you only do what you feel like doing! No rush, just live life at your own pace. Slow Living in Twente, that's what we call it! Can you already feel what we mean by this? ⤸

A morning in Zuna...

☀️ Enjoy beautiful sunrises;
🥐 Get hot sandwiches from our local shop;
🍓 Have a breakfast basket with local produce delivered;
🌳 Take a morning walk and hear the birds singing!

An afternoon at holiday park Mölke

After such a relaxing morning, it's time to think about what you want to do today. Do you feel like an active outing in the area, or will you stay at our holiday park today? We love to pamper you or help you on your way in the area, it's entirely up to you!

Explore the surroundings

Twente is beautiful and there is something for everyone. The step outside is easy with the walking route booklet you get from us. So you can set off immediately! If you prefer to see the surroundings from the water, you can rent a boat. Brave the Regge in a whisper boat or with a SUP and have a great afternoon!

Need a bit of action? Hire a cool Green Buggy and race through the area in this 100% electric cart! At great speed, you will drive past all the sights in our immediate surroundings. A feast for the eyes!

Did you know you can even taste Twente? You can do so by visiting the Twente ice-cream farm or the vineyard a bit further on!

Or stay at the park

Do you feel more like staying nice and cosy in the area? For holidaymakers, Mölke is a very nice place. At our holiday park in Twente you will find everything you need to relax. This is what a relaxing afternoon at our holiday park looks like:

🌴 Take a swim in our indoor pool;
⛱️ Take out your parasol and settle down on our little beach on the Regge;
🍷 Enjoy a drink or a nice lunch on our waterside terrace;
💚 Stick to your cottage, enjoy a game or a good book!

A day with the kids

Mölke is the perfect holiday park for a holiday with children! A day here is never boring. While you enjoy our Slow Living Experience, the kids can play all day long! The park has various indoor and outdoor playgrounds and a sports field for the sporty ones among us. There is also an indoor swimming pool, fully equipped with a paddling pool for our smallest guests. During holidays and weekends in summer, our entertainment team is present and organises fun activities. View the entertainment programme for your holiday here!

A perfect evening at Mölke

Nowhere are the evenings cosier than in Twente! You can unwind in your cosy accommodation after a day outdoors. 

Our Slow Living Experience also continues in the evening... Take time for each other, have a good conversation or enjoy a nice game. You can borrow games from our reception and warm up together around the various campfires on our park. How do you like to end your day?

For those ready for a relaxing evening without distractions, we offer a lovely offline evening ritual. Book a Socialbox and put your phone away for a while at specific moments. Experience what being offline does to you!

Delicious food and drink

At our holiday park you will find various places to eat. For example, have a delicious (child-friendly) dinner in our restaurant! Where you can enjoy the most delicious dishes while the children have fun in the playgrounds. Would you rather stay in your cottage? Then get a delicious takeaway from our snack bar!

Tot mor'n

That's how we Twente people wish each other a good night. There seems little romantic about this at first sight, until you say it in Twente! Under a beautiful starry sky with a glass of regional wine in your hand.

Until next time!

Your holiday in Zuna is already over, what a shame! We hope you had a great time with us and enjoyed the beautiful surroundings. Of course, we would love to see you again. Have a nice trip home and hopefully see you soon! 

Did you take any beautiful photos during your stay? Then share them with us on Instagram and tag us in your post. We love to enjoy them with you!

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