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The Slow Living Experience

  • Over here it's always weekend
  • Slow vibes
  • 5 stars holidaypark
  • Less hurry, more happiness

Experience the Slow Living Experience at Mölke

Day in, day out. This is where you celebrate the weekend!

The Slow Living Experience. What exactly is that? Actually, you can best compare this feeling to your own weekend feeling: looking for fun places in the area, a day out, playing and sports or just catching your breath. Doing what you like, enjoying each other and doing it in a place with a homely atmosphere where all the senses are stimulated. Slow Living is what we call it. Day in, day out, here it's always the weekend.


Mölke door de jaren heen #50jaar ⤵


Slow living in a nutshell

Enjoy a nice atmosphere, lovely vibes and great service. Enjoy not setting your alarm clock. And much more! You won't only have this feeling in Zuna, but also in the surrounding area. If time is our most precious asset, then Twente is the richest region in the Netherlands. Here we all live just a little bit more peacefully. You can experience this feeling with us. In the surroundings, at the park, in your cottage or on your camping pitch. Will you also discover our Slow Living Experience?

    Een fijne atmosfeer voor iedereen

    We make it cosy with good food and drinks, nice places, fires and lights. We love that cosy weekend feeling. Will you come and experience it with us too?

    Service zoals jij hem wenst

    When booking one of our accommodations, you can make your holiday even more comfortable with our upgrates! For example, book a BBQ workshop or a personal photoshoot by a true professional.

    Slow sunday vibes

    During Easter, Ascension, Whitsun and in the summer holidays: waking up to slow music by singer Mensje van Steen. And more of these chill activities.


View this impression of a nice 'slow' day ⤸


Twente is calling you!

Celebrate the free life here. We believe that you really enjoy each other together or with your family when you experience the free life. Venture out into the region together and we facilitate that. We are located directly on the babbling river De Regge. In the morning, enjoy a glorious sunrise, take a walk in the fresh air along the water and score a regional breakfast in our landscape shop. Afterwards, choose how you want to explore the natural surroundings, including National Park De Sallandse Heuvelrug and the Regge valley. Our location and surroundings offer you one certainty: you will go home charged. 

How are you going to discover Twente?

Unwind at ease 

We are a small-scale holiday park with contemporary small-scale facilities. And because you can book good weather ☀️ with us, but we cannot guarantee it, we have many indoor and outdoor facilities that are child-friendly, because parents need to feel at ease too. We have an indoor swimming pool and playground, a beach at the Regge, unique bowling alleys, a nice football field, the well-known table tennis tables, a restaurant with a waterside terrace and also playgrounds all over the grounds. And much more.

Our location also offers enough challenge for fanatical parents, couples, active kids or grandchildren. Because admit it: on a Sunday, you want to play outside, don't you? In here it's always sunday!

"Reflecteren is een moment van stilte, een pauze nemen van het dagelijkse leven en nadenken over wie we zijn en waar we naartoe gaan." - Jitske Westra

Neem je wel eens de tijd om te kijken hoe het nou echt met je gaat? 🤔 Is het misschien tijd voor een reset? Ga dan tijdens je verblijf aan de slag met het ResetPakket van Jitske Westra! Met maar 4 simpele, concrete stappen begint jouw verandering! Doe een stapje terug, denk na over wat je écht belangrijk vindt, check je nieuwe inzichten en kijk vooruit. Boek dit ResetPakket bij je verblijf voor maar €50,00. Door eenvoudig te werken aan jezelf, waar en wanneer je maar wilt tijdens het verblijf, geloven we erin dat het ResetPakket jou helemaal op scherp kan zetten. 

Be yourself and relax

Book your vitamin D, recharge yourself or spend a lovely time together. You'll not just book an accommodation with us: you'll book a lovely trip in the middle of nature, you'll book Dutch friendlyness and you'll book an head full of adventurous memories. You'll come to enjoy nature, our facilities and the Slow Living Experience. No matter who you are, we offer an holiday that fits your needs!


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