Slow Living Experience aan de Regge

The Slow Living Experience

  • Over here it's always weekend
  • Slow vibes
  • 5 stars holidaypark

The Slow Living Experience

At holidaypark Mölke you'll experience instant weekendvibes: all day, every day. We call this the Slow Living Experience and we would love to tell you more about it.

Let's start with the weekendvibes: at Mölke that means looking for nice spots in the area, being outdoors, playing and sports or just taking a breath. Do whatever you love to do and enjoy spending time with each other! 

And you can feel that:

  • A nice atmosphere for everyone. We make it cozy with good food and drinks, fires and lights. We love that cozy weekend feeling;
  • Service the way you want it: we offer standard made beds, but also breakfast service and hotel service are possible. What kind of holiday do you like?
  • Slow sunday vibes during Easter, Ascension, Pentecost and during the summer holidays: wake up with the lovely music of singer Mensje van Steen!
  • Another example: at Mölke you don't have to set an alarm. You can enter the craft academy at any time during our craft activities. Meet our fun animation team and enjoy crafting together.
  • And more! Come and experience our Slow Living Experience.

Slow vibes: you don't only get them at our holidaypark, but you'll also find them in our surroundings. If time is our most valuable asset, then Twente is the richest region in the Netherlands.

You can experience this feeling with us. In the area, in your accommodation or at the camping spots.

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Slow living in het kort

Geniet van een fijn sfeertje, heerlijke vibes en een goede service. Geniet van het niet zetten van je wekker. En nog veel meer! Dit gevoel heb je niet alleen in Zuna, maar ook in de omgeving. Als tijd ons kostbaarste bezit is, dan is Twente de Rijkste regio van Nederland. Hier leven we allemaal net iets rustiger. Dit gevoel kun je bij ons ervaren. In de omgeving, op het park, in je huisje of op je kampeerplaats. Kom jij ook onze Slow Living Experience ontdekken?

    Een fijne atmosfeer voor iedereen

    We maken het gezellig met lekker eten en drinken, fijne plekjes, vuurtjes en lichtjes. We houden van dat gezellige weekendgevoel. Kom jij het ook bij ons ervaren?

    Service zoals jij hem wenst

    Wij bieden standaard opgemaakte bedden, maar ook ontbijtservice en hotelservice zijn mogelijk. Ook leveren we de lekkerste high tea boxen en BBQ-pakketten bij jouw huisje!

    Slow sunday vibes

    Tijdens Pasen, Hemelvaart, Pinksteren en in de zomervakantie: wakker worden met slow music door zangeres Mensje van Steen. En meer van deze chille activiteiten.


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Book an energyboost!

Twente is calling you!

In the Twente region you can celebrare being free! We believe that you can enjoy you time together to the fullest when you enjoy the weekendvibes and go with the flow. So do whatever you like to do and let us facalitate you! Mölke is located next to the Regge river. In the morning you can enjoy the fresh air at the water and eat a lovely local breakfast. The rest of the day you are free to do whatever you want! Surround yourself with beautiful nature at national park de Sallandse Heuvelrug and Het Reggedal. Go swimming, or discover the area by boat!

At our holidaypark one thing is sure: you will be recharged when you go home!


We are a small-scale holiday park with contemporary small-scale facilities. With us you can book a nice bit of sunshine! But we can't quarantee that the sun will come. That's why we have a range of lovely indoor- and outdoor activities and facilities. Everything is very child-friendly, because the parents must also feel comfortable. There is an indoor swimming pool and playground, a beach at the Regge, unique LED's Go bowling lanes, a nice football field, the famous table tennis tables, a restaurant with a terrace at the water and playgrounds everywhere on the site. And much more.

Be yourself and relax

Book your vitamin D, recharge yourself or spend a lovely time together. You'll not just book an accommodation with us: you'll book a lovely trip in the middle of nature, you'll book Dutch friendlyness and you'll book an head full of adventurous memories. You'll come to enjoy nature, our facilities and the Slow Living Experience. No matter who you are, we offer an holiday that fits your needs!

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