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LED's GO Showbowling!

For the always fun and pleasant game of bowling you can come to the brand new bowling center in Mölke. The modern white strips and LED lighting give it a special appearance. You don't have to count your own points, because everything is computer controlled. The special light effects and the laser show make a spectacular outing. Color shows on the courts, combined with widescreen entertainment on super-large projection screens accompanied by cinema-quality sound. Show bowling starts with a professional laser show provided by real professional lasers. Bowling is a unique experience that you should not miss! Not only is Mölke's bowling the most spectacular bowling in Overijssel, but also the most environmentally and energy-friendly bowling. All lighting in this unique bowling is based on LED. Not only the show lighting, but also the atmosphere and basic lighting. Partycentrum Mölke is the leading example that show and ultimate entertainment can go hand in hand with corporate social responsibility. For that reason alone, Partycentrum Mölke deserves your visit if you want to play a game of bowling.

Opening hours

Bowlen bij Mölke

  1. Fully computer controlled
  2. Fully automatic machines
  3. Free automatic bumpers for the children
  4. Cozy catering at the bowling Children's party, company parties, family outings

LED's GO Showbowling rates

Off-peak hours: € 20.00 per hour
Peak hours: € 25.00 per hour

  1. Friday from 7 p.m.
  2. Saturday from 2 p.m.
  3. Sunday (all day)


View our packages

Bowlarrangement 1

Bowling package 1

✔️ 55 minutes of bowling
✔️ Bitter garnish (24 pieces}
✔️ 1 glass of soda of your choice

From 4 people
€ 9.75 p.p

Bowlarrangement 2

Bowling package 2

✔️ 55 minutes of bowling
✔️ Bitter garnish (24 pieces}
✔️ Plate of fries with mayonnaise
✔️ 1 glass of soda of your choice

From 4 people
€ 14.50 p.p

Bowlarrangement 3

Bowling package 3

✔️ 55 minutes of bowling
✔️ 2x beer, wine or soft drinks
✔️ Plate of fries with mayonnaise
✔️ Choice of spare ribs or schnitzel

From 4 people
€ 19.50 p.p


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