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  • Kanovaren op de Regge
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Canoe rental 🛶 

Mölke Activiteiten is located at the Regge river. The best way to discover De Regge and its immediate surroundings is, of course, by canoe. In 1-person or 2-person kayaks or 3-person Canadian canoes, you will float down the river and make an unforgettable trip through the surroundings. On the way, you will cross a surprising landscape and paddle through various villages and hamlets, such as Rijssen with its Pelmolen.

When you return, you sail on the same small river, but you will be surprised how different De Regge looks then. The surroundings are in fact very varied and you will discover something new at every glance. Moreover, a canoe trip is the ideal way for small and large groups to experience a fun and active day.


Opening hours

The season is from 1 April to 1 November. Canoeing is possible every day from 9.30 am to 5 pm. We recommend to book online in advance!


rental rates

1 - person kayak - € 6,00 per hour
2 persons kayak - € 8,00 per hour
3 - person kayak - € 11,00 per hour

Due to COVID-19 a maximum of one household per canoe is allowed. If this is not the case, you must reserve separate canoes. 


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