Streekwinkel met streekproducten
Streekwinkel met streekproducten

Mini shop

Mini shop

The Mini Shop has been new at Holiday Park Mölke since 2020. This modern store provides both park guests and people in the area with tasty hot sandwiches and delicious local products! The Mini Shop is also the central point for recreational activities such as canoe or whisper boating.

You can visit our landscape shop every day for:

🍞 Delicious hot sandwiches
🍽️ Fresh frozen meals from The Cool Market
🧀 Zuna cheese cheese
🥛 Dairy products from Reggezuivel
🥩 Veal Zuna
🍷 Wine of the Winemakers
🍺 Beer from Brouwersnös
🍦 Ice cream

Of course you can also get small errands such as chips, candy and a drink. In addition, there are also some extra accessories for sale, nice to take home for example!


Fresh baked bread

Every morning we bake the tastiest fresh buns in our mini shop! So you can enjoy warm sandwiches for breakfast or lunch. From sweet croissants to savory buns, we have it all!

Order sandwiches

To be assured of the sandwich you fancy, you can order your sandwiches the night before.

Fancy a drink?

Of course we are happy to make you a fresh cup of coffee, or you can enjoy a glass of wine or beer on the self-service terrace while looking out into the surroundings. From our terrace you look out over our harbor and the Twente meadows. There is also a wide selection of ice cream to cool down!


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