Sharing dinner

Sharing dinner

Are you already familiar with our sharing dinner? It really is slow living! At slow living, we think it's important to take time for each other and enjoy the moment together. And what better way to do that than by dining together all evening! 🥂

In our sharing dinner there is something tasty for everyone, prepared by our chefs. Join your family, friends or colleagues for a culinary experience. Laugh, taste and chat about the food together. 🍽️ Our location is suitable for all ages with indoor and outdoor playgrounds, spots by the water or cosy indoors and fun activities you can do together, such as boating on the Regge or afterwards a game of bowling. 🎉

A sharing dinner at Mölke is a fun, informal way to spend time with family, friends or colleagues. 😋

Our sharing dinner should be booked at least 24 hours in advance. This is possible from 8 people up to 16 people. Are you with more? Then ask about our on-site party options. 

What will be on the table?

Breadboard with chef's spreads, small cup of soup of the month, carpaccio, puffed tuber & salmon tartare

Main courses
Sea bass, lentil curry, Low & Slow spare ribs and chicken thigh.
Served with: roasted vegetables, pointed fries and salad.

Apple Crumble

Sharing "the main" dinner

Would you rather share just a main course? That is also possible! With sharing 'the main' dinner, you can add starter or dessert of your choice! 

Do you have allergies, are you vegetarian/vegan or have dietary requirements?
Let us know while booking so we can prepare a pleasant dinner for everyone.


Sharing dinner
Adult €35
Child under 12 €17.50

Sharing "the main" dinner
Adult €24,50
Child till 12 €12,25

Prices are excluding drinks

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