Book with exchange guarantee

We think booking a holiday should be fun and nice and easy. That's why we offer you a free rebooking guarantee. Have you booked a romantic weekend for two, but can't find a babysitter for the children? No problem, you can easily rebook your weekend! By booking your holiday now, you can be sure of your desired accommodation or camping pitch. That's great, because of course we hope that you won't need to rebook and can come and enjoy your favourite spot.

What does the rebooking guarantee mean?

  • If your holiday cannot go ahead, you can rebook up to 7 days in advance. Whether the cat got sick, the car had a flat tyre or you suddenly no longer feel like going on holiday (which we can't imagine);
  • The voucher is valid for one year from the issuing date;
  • You can then rebook 7 days in advance free of charge;
  • You can come back another time when rebooking and your money will not be lost;
  • No cancellation and change fees;

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