Reset package

Reset Package

Hey... How are you really doing? Do you ever take time to think about that?🤔 Is it perhaps time for a reset? Then get started with the Reset Package during your stay at Mölke! 

In 4 simple, concrete steps, your change begins! Take a step back, think about what really matters to you, check your new insights and look ahead.

Book this Reset Package with your stay for only €50.00. By simply working on yourself whenever and wherever you want during your stay, we believe the ResetPackage can put you on edge. 

"Reflecting is a moment of silence, taking a break from everyday life and reflecting on who we are and where we are going." - Jitske Westra

There is no better place to reflect than our holiday park, where the slow living concept comes to life. Here you can escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life for a while and reflect on yourself and your future. We believe Slow Living makes everyone's life a little better.❤️ 

A reset overnight stay

At Mölke, we have fine accommodation to completely unwind. How about a cottage with a view over the Regge and the meadows? That is wonderfully relaxing. Or choose a wellness accommodation so you can relax after hard work.

The Reset Package is not only useful and fun during a weekend break. Reset yourself during a work station at Mölke, for example. Let's go! 

ResetPakket Mölke x Jitske Westra

The Reset Package - Mölke x Jitske Westra

✍️ Reset yourself in 4 simple steps

🏡 During your stay you work on yourself whenever and wherever you want

💚 A down-to-earth, clear and optimistic way of coaching

🤩 Start your change today!

Facilities for a carefree stay

At our 5-star holiday park, you have all kinds of facilities at your fingertips to unwind. Enjoy the sunshine at the pop-up restaurant or get a cup of coffee in the restaurant, our favourite spot.🥰 Hire a whisper boat or sup and take a relaxing boat trip down the Regge river. And if you're there during a Slow Weekend, we offer chill weekend activities. In short, create your own "mini reteat" during your reset moment! 

A quiet environment

We can imagine that you want a quiet moment to think about the questions in the Reset Package. Or you might just want to clear your head after working hard on them. Fortunately, Mölke is located in a natural environment and you will be at the Sallandse Heuvelrug National Park and the Twents Reggedal in no time! You'll find many routes for walking and cycling here.🌿 

Are you already looking forward to a reset weekend? We totally understand! Book your favourite accommodation and easily add the ResetPackage at upgrades.