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  • Slow Living, at the park and at home
  • Ways to unwind
  • Relaxing in nature

Slow Living at Mölke, that's how you do it!

Whether you travel with your family, partner or alone, we believe slow living makes everyone's life a little better. Discover with us how to embrace the slower pace and enjoy the little moments more. Start with us at the park and continue living more finely and consciously at home.❤️ 


Be inspired, young and old experience slow living!

Chill at our favorite place

Our restaurant, your favorite spot. For a cup of coffee or a nice meal, here you have a moment for yourself. Children, meanwhile, play in the (indoor) playground. They are always in sight. 


Kick off the day in an active way

The best way to feel happy and fit is by taking our vacation bootcamp. Full of exercises that will make you feel great!

Dip into the Regge for a boost!

Did you know that a dip in the cold water improves your immune system, burns calories and makes you sleep much better? Feel "on top of the world" and jump in the Regge, just like these braves!⤵︎


Go offline for a while in nature

Vacation park Mölke is surrounded by beautiful nature. Leave your phone at home and experience what you hear, see and smell with full attention. 

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