pop up glamping overijssel

Pop-up glamping

directly on the river Regge

pop up glamping overijssel

Luxury camping

in a festival atmosphere

pop up glamping

Enjoy the view

and each other

pop up glamping overijssel

Slow Living at the Regge

here you experience the free life

pop up glamping overijssel

In here,

it's always weekend


  • Festival atmosphere for the whole family!
  • Relax and enjoy
  • Great for all ages
  • During school holidays
  • Cozy festival vibe
  • Relax and enjoy
  • For the whole family!

Experience Slowlands at Mölke!


Stop the time, breathe in, enjoy! ✨ At Mölke, you will enjoy a very special vacation during the school breaks.... During Slowlands by Mölke! These festive vacation weeks are all about being together with your family or company. Relaxing together, having fun together and doing exactly what you feel like doing together!

With a delicious cocktail on our cozy terrace, while enjoying quiet live music and good conversation.... A creative craft activity or another fun activity for the kids! Can you picture it? It will be a celebration for the whole family, to remember forever!

Will you let us surprise you? ⤵︎


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This is what you can expect from Slowlands!

💚 Fun activities for the whole family! Think of a laughter workshop, a torchlight hike, making your own dream catchers or cooking a camping meal together....
🌱 First aid to unwind... Enjoy a reclining concert, pamper yourself at a smoothie workshop or go for a walk along the Regge!
🍸 Tasty food and drinks! A lunch from the food truck, a cocktail in our restaurant, or fine dining at the pop-up restaurant?
🎶 Beautiful live music from local talent! Of course quiet and not all day, so we are also a nice place for sleeping babies and peace seekers.
Dreaming away by a campfire, playing games and getting out into nature together!
💕 Being together with the best company, in the cottage or glamping tent where you feel at home!
🎈 Doing exactly what you feel like doing! Anything goes!
🎉 Festival atmosphere for the ultimate vacation feeling!


Wellness or prefer Glamping?

Relax your way!

Are you a true nature lover who wants to enjoy glamping in style? Or would you rather come and relax with us in a sauna or hot tub? Whatever you're looking for: we have the perfect spot for your stay! Stay in a children's bungalow, our adventurous treehouse or snuggle up at our pop-up glamping.... No matter which accommodation you choose: you can always come and enjoy all the fun slowlands activities.

Where will you sleep?


Stay in a festival atmosphere this summer!

At our pop-up glamping

Complete your family festival summer and book a fine glamping tent at our pop-up glamping! Pop-upglamping Bij de Buren is completely decorated in festival atmosphere, including cozy lights, a nice campfire and a beautiful view over the river Regge! You will also find our pop-up restaurant, where you can enjoy drinks and dinner in the summer.


Take it 'Slooooow'

During the school vacations, come and enjoy with the whole family

We don't really need to spend any more words on it, because it is clear that these are going to be wonderful festive weeks! 🤩 Will you also come and experience the slow living experience during the school vacations?

Of course there is a lot to do at Mölke, but let's not forget our beautiful surroundings! Do you feel like going out for a day during your vacation? Enjoy a long walk in the surroundings, go boating on the Regge river or jump on a Green Scooter and ride over the Sallandse Heuvelrug. Only when you are fully charged will we let you go home again. 


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Let the great rejoicing begin!


We hope to see you at Slowlands. See you soon!