Dorpen in de buurt

Villages in the area

Rijssen & Holten

Holidaypark & Camping Mölke borders the town of Rijssen and Holten.  At 2 kilometres distance is the cosy (indoor) centre of the town Rijssen with many shops, terraces and restaurants. Markets are organised every Monday (fabric market) and Saturday (market with various foodstuffs). During the weekends and summer holidays, various extra activities are organised in addition to these standard markets, such as flea markets and summer markets. Because of the Christian background of the population of Rijssen, Sunday rest is observed here and most of the catering establishments are closed on Sundays. Furthermore, the town lies in the middle of the Reggestreek farmland, where beautiful authentic farmhouses can be viewed. All this is easily reached by bike from the holiday park. With just 5 minutes of cycling you are in the bustling centre of Rijssen.

Holten is approximately 7 kilometres from Mölke. During the summer holidays Holten is a real tourist village, there are lots of activities in the summer. There is a market in the centre every Friday afternoon. The main attraction of Holten is the Holterberg, which is part of National Park the Sallandse Heuvelrug. The Holterberg is a unique piece of nature in the Netherlands!


Nijverdal & Hellendoorn

Nijverdal and Hellendoorn are within cycling distance of our holiday park. With 15 minutes of cycling you are in the middle of these cosy villages and you can sit down at the pleasant small terraces. A holiday in the surroundings of Hellendoorn is fun for the whole family! For a day out with the family you can have a great time in Nijverdal. Nijverdal has a beautiful swimming pool, wonderful museums and more cosy locations for an outing. Nijverdal lies at the foot of National Park the Sallandse Heuvelrug, you cycle or walk right up to the Holterberg. Hellendoorn is a small cosy holiday village and is especially known for Hellendoorn Adventure Park!


Wierden & Enter

Holiday park & camping Mölke is located in the hamlet of Zuna, in the municipality of Wierden. Wierden is within cycling distance of the park. The municipality of Wierden includes Zuna, Notter, Enter, Hoge-hexel, Ypelo, Rectum and Wierden. Popular attractions of Wierden are the subtropical swimming pool and the low field. You can wander around the cosy little shops in the centre of Wierden and then enjoy the pleasant terraces and restaurants.

Enter was originally a skippers village and therefore has its own zomp. The Enterse zomp still sails on the Regge. If you would like to discover the beautiful Regge region, you can do so with this canal boat. The boatmen will tell you more about the beautiful surroundings and history along the way.


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